Programme 2017

Workshops/Courses supported by ELIXIR-IIB

  1. Workshop on "Statistical Literacy and Metacognition"
    ELIXIR All Hands satellite workshop - Rome, 23rd March 2017
    Instructor: Rochelle E. Tractenberg (Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington D.C., USA)
  2. EMBO Practical Course on Population Genomics: background and tools
    Napoli, 18-26 May 2017, Italy
    Organisers: Vincenza Colonna, Chiara Batini, Allegra Via

ELIXIR-IIB workshops and training courses 2017

  1. Workshop on Computational approaches to the study of protein interactions and rational drug design
    University of Padova, 10-13 Apr 2017
    Local organisers: Lisanna Paladin, Marco Carraro
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Allegra Via

  2. Workshop + Summer School in Advanced Computational Metagenomics
    Bari, 19-23 Jun 2017
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Domenica D’Elia, Allegra Via

  3. Training Course on Galaxy for Bioinformatics tool developers
    Cagliari, 03-05 Jul 2017 (immediately before BITS)
    Local organisers: Mauro Cuccuru
    Instructors: Rossano Atzeni, Mauro Cuccuru, Marco Tangaro, Paolo Uva
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Allegra Via, Loredana Le Pera

  4. Training course on RNA-Seq data analysis
    University of Milano, 18-20 Jul 2017
    Local organisers: Giulio Pavesi, Federico Zambelli
    Instructors: Giulio Pavesi, Fabrizio Ferrè, Federico Zambelli, Matteo Chiara
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Allegra Via, Federico Zambelli, Loredana Le Pera

  5. Training course on Machine Learning for Biologists
    Fondazione Edmund Mach, San Michele all'Adige, Trento, 4-7 Sep 2017
    Local organisers: Alessandro Cestaro
    Instructors: Giuseppe Jurman, Marco Chierici, ...
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Vincenza Colonna

  6. Training course on Python for Life Scientists
    Sapienza University of Rome, 11-15 Sep 2017
    Local organisers: Veronica Morea
    Instructors: Allegra Via, Alberto Calderone
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Allegra Via, Loredana Le Pera

  7. Training course on Best practices for RNA-Seq data analysis
    University of Salerno, 27-29 Sep 2017
    Local organisers: Anna Marabotti, Roberto Tagliaferri, Alessandro Weisz
    Instructors: Fabrizio Ferre’, Loredana Le Pera, Giorgio Giurato
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Anna Marabotti, Allegra Via, Loredana Le Pera

  8. ELIXIR-EXCELERATE Train the Trainer (TtT) course
    University of Salerno, 27-29 Sep 2017
    Local organisers: Anna Marabotti, Roberto Tagliaferri
    Instructors: Allegra Via, Pedro Fernandes (Gulbenkian Institute de Ciencia, PT)
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Anna Marabotti, Allegra Via

  9. Elixir-IIB/NETTAB Tutorial on
    Biological Networks: data analysis, visualization and medical application

    ICAR-CNR, Palermo, 18-19 Oct 2017
    Local organisers: Luana Licata
    Instructors: Luana Licata, Alberto Calderone, Inna Kuperstein (Curie Institut, Paris)
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Luana Licata, Allegra Via, Loredana Le Pera

  10. Training course: From Shell to Python scripting
    (for the automation of HTP data analysis pipelines)

    CINECA, Rome, 11-12 Dec 2017
    Local organisers: Tiziana Castrignano’
    Instructors: Tiziana Castrignano’, Allegra Via
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Allegra Via

  11. Software Carpentry workshop on Python and R
    University of Milano Bicocca, February 2018
    Local organisers: Gianluca Della Vedova
    Instructors: Giuseppe Profiti, Vincenza Colonna, Allegra Via
    ELIXIR-IIB organisers: Loredana Le Pera, Allegra Via