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The ELIXIR-IIB Training Platform is building a thriving community who strongly believes that quality training in bioinformatics is essential to achieve excellence in life science research. Thanks to a very motivated group of people, our programme is engaging an increasing number of passionate scientists interested in taking part in our training initiatives, activities and discussions.
Courses are mostly organised in collaboration with ELIXIR-IIB institutions and, whenever possible, in regions in need of a given expertise. They are limited to 20-30 participants to allow high interactivity and intensive practical work. Priority is given to candidates from ELIXIR-IIB institutions and other ELIXIR nodes. Instructors are selected among experts in the course's topic with experience in the application of advanced training practices and techniques.
We collaborate with other ELIXIR nodes in activities such as Train the Trainer, eLearning, EXCELERATE use cases' training support and we have a pilot to provide training support to extra-European countries.

If you want to be involved in our initiatives, collaborate with us or need more information about our training activities, you can contact someone from the ELIXIR-IIB Training Team.