Important Dates

  • Deadline for applications: Registration closed
  • Deadline for the presentation of use cases (see below): 04-04-2022
  • Workshop date: 28-29 April, 2022



CNR Research Area of Bari
Via Amendola 122/O
70126 Bari, Italy


  • Academic: EUR 90
  • PhD students: EUR 70
  • Undergraduate students: EUR 60
  • Industry: EUR 120
    If you wish to attend the social dinner on Thursday 28th April, you should add 30 euros to the fee.
    This workshop is limited to 50 in-person participants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Registration is now closed

The fee payment must be made by bank transfer to:

BPER banca
IBAN IT 42 T 05387 01652 000035059951
Reason: registration ELIXIR Metabolomics workshop + PARTICIPANT NAME

The registration will be finalized after sending the copy of the payment receipt to
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Email subject: Fee NAME SURNAME

The email should be sent by 27-03-2022 24h00 CET

Important: The Tumor Biochemistry Group of the Italian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SIB) ( will grant a € 70,00 fellowship to two undergraduate or PhD student participants who either are or wish to become members of SIB. The fellowships will be granted to two presenting authors selected among those who will submit an abstract by April 4th, 2022 following the guidelines reported in TARGET AUDIENCE.


  • Duccio Cavalieri- University of Florence, Italy
  • Lars Ove Dragsted - ELIXIR Denmark
  • Igor Fochi - Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Veronica Ghini - CIRMMP, CERM – University of Florence
  • Danilo Porro - National Research Council, IBFM, Milan - University of Milan Bicocca, Italy
  • Christoph Steinbeck - ELIXIR Germany
  • Leonardo Tenori - University of Florence, Italy
  • Anna Maria Timperio - University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy
  • Stefania Savoi - University of Turin, Italy


  • Sergio Giannattasio - National Research Council – IBIOM, Bari, Italy
  • Duccio Cavalieri - University of Florence, Italy
  • Clara Musicco - National Research Council – IBIOM, Bari, Italy
  • Francesca De Leo - ELIXIR-IT, National Research Council – IBIOM, Bari, Italy
  • Loredana Le Pera - ELIXIR-IT, Istituto Superiore di Sanità - FAST, Roma, Italy
  • Allegra Via - ELIXIR-IT, National Research Council - IBPM, Rome, Italy


For all kinds of queries, please contact us at

Course Description

Metabolomics is an emerging field of the Life Sciences arena and has widespread applications across the medical, clinical and biological sciences, both in academic and industrial settings. Metabolomics aims to measure the complement of metabolites (the intermediates and final products of metabolism) in living organisms and the environment. The total set of metabolites in a biological system is known as the metabolome and represents the downstream effect of an organism’s genome and its interaction with the environment. This workshop is aimed to introduce metabolomics and describe the current challenges and limits in analyzing metabolites in a biological system. The following topics will be presented and discussed:

  1. Analytical theory and workflow of ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry for metabolite measurements.
  2. Biological sample preparation in different metabolomics applications.
  3. Metabolomics data production and interpretation: metabolite identification and comprehensive data set of metabolites.
  4. Integration of metabolomics data with genomics and/or proteomics data.


Basic knowledge of biology and/or biochemistry.

Due to COVID-19 emergency it is mandatory to provide the EU Digital Covid Certificate or other equivalent certification showing one of the following conditions:

  • having completed the prescribed provided cycle vaccination against SARS-CoV-2
  • having recovered from COVID-19.

Target audience

Research scientists who are using or planning to use metabolomics analysis in their research activities are welcome to attend the workshop.
Participants are invited to present a use case by submitting to:
< >
(email subject: Abstract NAME SURNAME)
an abstract (max 150 words; deadline April 4th, 2022) containing a short description of their research topic and the metabolomics issue/approach they wish to discuss with the speakers. The Organizing Committee will select ten abstracts for a flash presentation (3 min, 2 slides) and discussion during the roundtable on Friday, 29th April 2022 afternoon