ELIXIR-IIB bioinformatics training

Raoul Jean Pierre Bonnal

Raoul Jean Pierre Bonnal is a Research Staff Scientist at Istituto Nazionale Genetica Molecolare INGM 'Romeo ed Enrica Invernizzi', Milan, Italy where he heads the Bioinformatics. He is interested in applying bioinformatics techniques and analyses to characterize the human T lymphocytes and their regulatory networks that shape T cells identity and functional plasticity, even in tumoral microenvironments; he works within the Integrative Biology Program at INGM. He has extensive experience in analysing a broad range of Next Generation Sequencing data and Single-Cell transcriptome analyses (C1 Fluidigm and 10x Genomics Chromium). He is interested on building scalable pipelines leveraging the cloud and using containerization technologies, such as Docker and Singularity, to guarantee reproducible bioinformatics analyses. He trains graduate and PhD students on bioinformatics and he was the main bioinformatics trainer during the EMBO course “Molecular interrogation of single-cells to decipher population heterogeneity and plasticity. He is a teacher and oversees the organization of the second level master in “Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics” organized by the University of Milan.

Affiliation: National Institute of Molecular Genetics “Romeo ed Enrica Invernizzi”​ (INGM), Milano, IT
Contact: bonnal@ingm.org