ELIXIR-IIB bioinformatics training

Tiziano Flati

Tiziano Flati is a computer scientist and a research fellow at the Institute of Biomembrane and Bioenergetics (IBIOM) of the National Research Council (CNR, IT) in collaboration with CINECA (Rome). He graduated in Computer Science in 2011 at University “La Sapienza” (Rome) and subsequently obtained his PhD in Computational Linguistics in 2015. His research interests include Machine learning, Big data analysis and harvesting, Parallel algorithms, Algorithm design and Full-stack web development. Currently, his work at CINECA (Rome), a key partner in the Elixir Italian node, focuses on the efficient implementation of HPC algorithms in Bioinformatics and support to the Elixir Scientific Community. He is also involved in the delivery of training courses focused on HPC applied to Bionformatics.

Affiliation: Istituto di Biomembrane, Bioenergetica e Biotecnologie Molecolari IBIOM-CNR, Italy; Super Computing Application and Innovation (SCAI), CINECA, Rome, Italy
Contact: t.flati@cineca.it